“ CONTENT is the King and the Queen of business, any day.”

This 2-day-impact course is designed to (re)engineer your art and science of CONTENT (CREATION + MARKETING), with just the right set of ignition methods.

Who can attend this workshop?

If you are a Photographer / Marketer / Entrepreneur / Engineer / Dancer / Doctor /Makeup Artist or any individual who loves content that attracts the right vibes/customers/fans and is looking to get better with content creation and its marketing on the digital world - then YES, (taking a breath) this course is for you. Glad to meet you!

What do we discuss in the workshop?

All about CONTENT CREATION + CONTENT MARKETING. And you know what? It is not rocket science as one might think but the bare basics, if adhered properly, can change the way you create/market content, and the way the world perceives you. Let's create a dent, shall we?

Day 1:


  • Understanding Content
    (What is content after all? A quick and deeper dive into this topic of art & science)
  • Content Rules
    (Read as the noun and the verb. The set of super, simple, and effective rules that helps you create killer content)
  • Power of Brand Journalism
    (Creating unique content that will connect, resonate, and broadcast the brand's voice)
  • Learning to master Marketing Content Writing
    (Writing emails, headlines, for the website, for social media, etc. in a way that brings tangible results)
  • Curated Content Tools
    (just the right set of cool tools you need to create and curate content)
Day 2:


  • Content Creation vs Content Marketing
    (From great content to greater marketing, the shift need)
  • Content Ignition Switch
    (The turbo start approach to getting your content visible surpassing the crowd)
  • Creative Content Marketing Strategy
    (Structure, Strategy, and Approach to a fruitful reach)
  • Content code to build the hero Brand
    (How can you leverage content to build your heroic brand?)
  • 15 Practical ways to achieve magic in content marketing
    (Yes, 15 highlighted push buttons to ignite)
  • Establishing Content Authority
    (Mastering the mystery of content Authority and establishing strong social proof signals)

About the King Maker

If Content is the king, then content writers are kingmakers, aren't they? Maverick Prem is the head of content, and creativity in Studio A. He also writes and directs films in Big short films. With over 8 years of experience in the field of content writing & marketing, and 30+ short social films under his sleeve, he comes to the fore as a good mix of heart and brain. In this workshop, he tends to demystify the code of the content game and enables everyone to write/create/master content that sticks and stands out. Before joining Studio A tribe, he had co-founded an apparel brand and was into the world of branding for 5 years. But content has always been a part of him. In fact when asked, 'How are you?', he always replied, 'Happy and Content'. As you can see, CONTENT has always been a part of him. Period :)

Psst: His first book "When Souls Make Love" is published and is ready to hit the stands post the lockdown phase. And he is a strong believer of handwritten letters. He pens one, every day.

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